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The sky lobbies on the 43rd and 76th floors house swimming pools. [17] It was renamed in honour of the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Abu Dhabi and the federal government of UAE lent Dubai tens of billions of US dollars so that Dubai could pay its debts – Dubai borrowed at least $80 billion for construction projects. it’s initial name was burj is located in dubai,united arab emirates. As the building tapers into the sky, the construction became faster when the building built to higher floors. With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft, just over half a mile) and a roof height (excluding antenna, but including a 244 m spire[2]) of 828 m (2,717 ft), the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and building in the world since its topping out in 2009 (preceded by Taipei 101).[3][4]. Burj Khalifa, Dubai (Burj Dubai or Tower of Kahlifa) | Archinomy. Benches and signs incorporate images of Burj Khalifa and the Hymenocallis flower. The spire of Burj Khalifa is composed of more than 4,000 tons of structural steel. International Projects Category: Outstanding Project from. The 160th floor is the topmost formal floor, though it then has multiple mezzanine levels for water tanks, elevator equipment, and so on. Outriggers at the mechanical floors allow the columns to participate in lateral load resistance All of the vertical concrete is utilized to support both ... • "Burj Khalifa, Dubai (Burj Dubai or Tower of Kahlifa)." Your email address will not be published. [6] At the top, the central core emerges and is sculpted to form a finishing spire. N.p., n.d. The top of the building is cleaned by a crew that uses ropes to descend from the top to gain access. [97] The study described the site as part of a "seismically active area". There are several floors at Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa set several world records, including: There are unconfirmed reports of several planned height increases since its inception. [136], On 21 March 2006, about 2,500 workers, upset over buses that were delayed for the end of their shifts, protested and triggered a riot, damaging cars, offices, computers and construction equipment. Largest Office Floor In Burj Khalifa In Dubai United Arab Entrance Ticket Burj Khalifa 124th Floor From Dubai 2020 Burj Khalifa 124th Floor Tickets 2020 Dubai Burj Khalifa S New 154th Floor Lounge Terrace Is Now Highest [124] The celebratory lighting was designed by UK lighting designers Speirs and Major Associates. The Dubai Fountain Fountains are 900 feet long and are considered the largest fountains adjacent to the tower, in addition to being the longest fountain show all over the world. [citation needed] Another challenging element was the shamal which often creates sandstorms. "[128], On 18 May 2015, Dubai police disputed a report that a Portuguese national who was in Dubai on a tourist visa fell to her death from Burj Khalifa's "At the Top SKY" observation deck on the 148th floor, and said that this incident took place in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. To combat this problem, the concrete was not poured during the day. Web. Burj Khalifa Lounge located on floors 152, 153, and 154 Picture Courtesy: Burj Khalifa Lounge Dubai- Highest Lounge in World is located on floors 152, 153, and 154 of the world’s tallest building at an imposing height of 575 metres. The tip of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper can be seen from 59 miles away. The Burj Khalifa (Arabic: برج خليفة‎, Arabic pronunciation: [bʊrd͡ʒ xaˈliːfa]; pronounced English: /ˈbɜːrdʒ kəˈliːfə/, literally "Khalifa Tower" in English), known as the Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration in 2010, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The view over the Persian Gulf and the whole city will open up. The Y-shaped tripartite floor geometry is designed to optimize residential and hotel space. The tower has observation decks on its upper floors that are opened to public, offering 360 degree panoramic view of the city from aerial perspectives. In January 2010, it was planned that Burj Khalifa would receive its first residents from February 2010. THROWBACK. From the tallest building to the ocean's depths 4.7 / 5 (730) From $56.35. A stunning tower of steel, concrete and glass. These centered on low wages and the practice of confiscating passports until duties were complete. [123] Hundreds of media outlets from around the world reported live from the scene. [132] Most of the workers involved in the riot returned the following day but refused to work.[132]. Find out more Overview Highlights. World Records. March 2005: Structure of Burj Khalifa starts rising. The central pinnacle pipe weighs 350 tonnes (390 short tons; 340 long tons) and has a height of 200 m (660 ft). When Adrian Smith was conceiving the project at SOM, he looked out his office window toward Lake Point Tower's curved three wing layout, "There's the prototype", he said. The cooling equipment on the tower collects approximately 15,000 liters of water, with the aim of reusing it to irrigate the gardens. [126] The ceremony featured a display of 10,000 fireworks, light beams projected on and around the tower, and further sound, light and water effects. It and the levels above are building mechanical equipment, telecoms equipment, and other not-usually-inhabited spaces. 123 Fifth Avenue, NY 10160, New York, USA | Phone: 800-123-456 | Email: The tower contains 3000 underground car parks. It is the world's second largest choreographed fountain. As of January 2007, the tower had become an imposing supertall skyscraper that has more than one hundred floors built. [21][58] An additional 213 km (132 mi) of piping serves the fire emergency system, and 34 km (21 mi) supplies chilled water for the air conditioning system. On 21 April 2014, with permission of the authorities and support from several sponsors, highly experienced French BASE jumpers, Some scenes of the 2011 American action film, In the 2016 American science fiction film, The Burj Khalifa, alongside other Dubai landmarks, was featured in the music video of ", The unique design and engineering challenges of building Burj Khalifa have been featured in a number of television documentaries, including, This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 08:02. Burj Khalifa Floors By . Armani Hotel Dubai and the Armani Residences are located within the tower. ", "Man dies in jump from world's tallest building", "No suicide at Burj Khalifa say Dubai Police", "Is Dubai trying to cover-up woman's death from top of world's tallest building? Burj Khalifa is home to 57 elevators and 8 escalators the building service/fireman’s elevator have a capacity of 5,500 kg and is the world’s tallest service elevator. The Lounge is located at a dizzying 585 meters (1,919 feet) above ground and has its own outdoor terrace. The spire also houses communications equipment. Travelling at 10 meters/sec (33 feet/ The Burj Khalifa is centrally located, close to the Dubai Mall. [54][55], The building has 57 elevators and 8 escalators. The lower floors have a big Mall and that is the Dubai Mall. Architecture Award (Mixed Use) Arabian Region from Arabian Property Awards. An outdoor zero-entry swimming pool is located on the 76th floor of the tower. [156][157], "Burj Dubai" redirects here. The total cost of the Burj Khalifa amounted to approximately $ 1.5 billion, and its length is approximately 828 meters, and its total area is 4,000,000 square meters, and it consists of 200 floors. However, the world's fastest single-deck elevator still belongs to Taipei 101 at 16.83 m/s (55.2 ft/s). The Gross Floor Area of the tower is 3,331,140 ft 2 or 309,473 m 2. You will get up to the 125th floor in less than a minute. The building broke numerous height records, including its designation as the tallest building in the world. At 452 m (1,483 ft), it was the highest outdoor observation deck in the world when it opened. Burj Khalifa: 124 floors - See 74,807 traveler reviews, 56,375 candid photos, and great deals for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at Tripadvisor. In the process, the project amassed an awe-inspiring number of facts, figures, and statistics. Burj Khalifa, Dubai (Burj Dubai or Tower of Kahlifa) | Archinomy. Types of Apartments in Burj Khalifa. [154] Awards Chair Gordon Gill, of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, said: We are talking about a building here that has changed the landscape of what is possible in architecture – a building that became internationally recognized as an icon long before it was even completed. [3][49] The hotel was supposed to open on 18 March 2010,[50][51] but after several delays, it finally opened to the public on 27 April 2010. Depends on how you are counting. 21 July 2007: Surpasses Taipei 101, whose height of 509.2 m (1,671 ft) made it the world's tallest building, and level 141 reached. where people can shelter on their long walk down to safety in case of an emergency or fire. [24] The foundation was designed to support the total building weight of approximately 450,000 tonnes (500,000 short tons; 440,000 long tons). It contains a total of 57 elevators and 8 escalators. Far above the desert, in the heart of the city of Dubai, stands the tallest building in the world. Cooler concrete cures more evenly and is therefore less likely to set too quickly and crack. [33], The architect who designed it, Adrian Smith, felt that the uppermost section of the building did not culminate elegantly with the rest of the structure, so he sought and received approval to increase its height. More than 20 thousand workers and engineers of various nationalities participated in the construction of the tower. The Burj Khalifa has drawn the attention of the world, and the name of the world's tallest building and artificial structure has greatly enhanced the country's international reputation. Level 156–159 are broadcast and telecom company space. [60] At peak cooling times, the tower's cooling is 46 MW (62,000 hp), equivalent to that provided by 13,000 short tons (26,000,000 lb; 12,000,000 kg) of melting ice in one day. No large pieces of luggage are allowed inside, but you can check them in at the Secure Baggage Area at the entrance. The number of rooms is 160 rooms, including luxury hotel suites. In India, BR Shetty is famous as the man who owns all the apartments on the 100th and 140th floors of Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa, which he is said to have acquired for a whopping $25 million. [46], The cladding system consists of 142,000 m2 (1,528,000 sq ft) of more than 26,000 reflective glass panels and aluminium and textured stainless steel spandrel panels with vertical tubular fins. There are 141,870 square meters for residential units, and 27,870 square meters For offices. The tower was constructed by Samsung C&T from South Korea, which also did work on the Petronas Twin Towers and Taipei 101. 124th and 125th Floors of Burj Khalifa . The system provides 68,000,000 L (15,000,000 imp gal) annually. [4][118], Because of the slumping demand in Dubai's property market, the rents in the Burj Khalifa plummeted 40% some ten months after its opening. Construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004, with the exterior completed five years later in 2009. Arab Achievement Award 2010: Best Architecture Project from Arab Investment Summit. Marvel at Dubai’s stunning landscape from Burj Khalifa At The Top floors. Burj Khalifa Lounge on the 154th Floor opened earlier in 2019, making it the world's highest spot to enjoy a drink and some canapés. In addition to securing Burj Khalifa's place as the world's tallest structure, the spire is integral to the overall design, creating a sense of completion for the landmark. The number of floors assigned to offices is estimated at 49. The high point of any Khalifa experience is the view from At The Top, Burj Khalifa's observation deck. Burj Khalifa - At The Top tickets are known to sell out fast, and same-day tickets may not be available. [132] A Dubai Interior Ministry official said the rioters caused almost £500,000 in damage. This has led Dubai clerics to rule that those living above the 80th floor should wait 2 additional minutes to break their Ramadan fast, and those living above the 150th floor, 3 minutes. [71][72][73] To reduce the daily rush of sightseers, management allows visitors to purchase tickets in advance for a specific date and time, at a 75% discount on tickets purchased on the spot. [63], Outside, WET Enterprises designed a fountain system at a cost of Dh 800 million (US$217 million). Currently Burj Khalifa holds following world records that make it one unique place to live in. [131], The Burj Khalifa was built primarily by workers from South Asia and East Asia. The concept of profitability derived from building high density developments and malls around the landmark have proven successful. Handbags, cameras, and other small accessories are allowed inside. [98] A cathodic protection system is under the concrete to neutralize the sulphate and chloride-rich groundwater and prevent corrosion. According to officials, it was necessary for projects like Burj Khalifa to be built in order to garner more international recognition, and hence investment. The building utilizes high-speed, non-stop shuttle elevators to sky lobby floors where passengers transfer to local elevators serving the floors in between. Burj Khalifa Lounge located on floors 152, 153, and 154 Picture Courtesy: Burj Khalifa Lounge Dubai- Highest Lounge in World is located on floors 152, 153, and 154 of the world’s tallest building at an imposing height of 575 metres. The Burj Khalifa is centrally located, close to the Dubai Mall. [41] Hyder Consulting's role was to supervise construction, certify the architect's design, and be the engineer and architect of record to the UAE authorities. Zoom up on the world’s highest elevator to get to At The Top.This level is designed with an indoor and outdoor observation deck, embedded with massive floor-to-ceiling glass windows to reward you with a wonderful view of Dubai’s skyline. Any significant cracks could have put the entire project in jeopardy. [45], In 2009, architects announced that more than 1,000 pieces of art would adorn the interiors of Burj Khalifa, while the residential lobby of Burj Khalifa would display the work of Jaume Plensa. [119][120] However, over the next two and a half years, overseas investors steadily began to purchase the available apartments and office space.

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